Monthly Archives: February 2013

Recording and another gig 2nd of March

Right so! We’re working on some tracks for you. Recording them in our DIY studio, or as Qra calls it, Pink porn factory. Anyway… Hoping to have the tracks up soon enough up on iur website. In the mean time, we’re back in the Fibbers rock bar on the Quays this Saturday night, the 2nd of March. Let’s make it a good one!


Fresh start

Good morning every body!

So here we go. This is our new website! As you probably know already as you made your way here, JPKALLIO.COM is no more and now we call our selves Boneyard Bastards. There will be loads of new stuff out soon, so keep your eyes open here.

Also few gigs on the way, first one tomorrow night! More details on the LIVE page. Thanks for stopping by!