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Punk and old school rock, played without any need to impress any one. Release from the frustrations of everyday life and the world around us. Addicted to the adrenalin hit you get from playing live shows. DIY music business rocks!


Boneyard Bastards was built up from the ashes of JPKALLIO.COM, formed in 2010, who soon made name for them selves on Dublin live music scene. In 2012 what had originally started as J.P.s solo project had grown in to a full blown band, with its usual problems with band members and all the usual stuff. In Autumn of 2012 J.P. Kallio (guitar and vox) and Qra (bass and B vox) decided it was time for a fresh start. Armed with new name and Des Gorevan on the Drums it was time for a round two. With the more mature lineup Boneyard Bastards really defined their own sound.
Everyone in the band have years of experience working as musicians. With that collective experience Boneyard Bastards locked them selves in to their small DIY studio and recorded few songs for their new EP suitably¬†titled “DEMO!” The EP will be out Summer of 2013. ¬†Anyway, get on board and enjoy the ride!